Concert 3 – Mendelsohn

Sunday 15 September 2024 at 5pm – Auckland Town Hall

$45-$90 (Children/students from $30) [Service fees will also apply]
Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

Mendelssohn Symphony No 2, Hymn of Praise, op. 52

Rita Paczian Conductor
Gina Sanders Soprano
Emma Jones
Soprano 2
Ridge Ponini

Symphony No. 2 was composed in 1840 as Lobsegang (Hymn of Praise). It derives from Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony, consisting of three orchestral movements followed by a long vocal Finale. The composition, which is very popular across both the UK and New Zealand, ‘lies very near to my heart’ wrote the composer himself.

From Rita: “I first conducted this symphony as a student with the university orchestra in Luebeck, Germany. I learned the score bu heart on the Greek island Rhodos and the beautiful music has stayed close to my heart ever since“.